A virtual museum of the 1924 presidential campaign of John W. Davis

The 1924 campaign of 1924 Democratic Party nominee John W. Davis is one of the most obscure of the twentieth century. Davis was defeated in a landslide by President Calvin Coolidge who had taken office upon the death of the popular Warren G. Harding.

Relatively few promotional items were made to support the candidacy of Mr. Davis, and of those, hardly any were saved. Consequently, such items are very hard to obtain by collectors of political campaign memorabilia.

This virtual museum has been put together to show historians and collectors the materials produced for the Davis campaign. Most of the pictures are from the collections of private collectors. Some have been electronically produced based upon the historical record. If any of these are in error we would welcome corrections or accurate photos.

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If you have a Davis campaign item not pictured here, we would be happy to add a picture of it to the museum if you could provide a photo. Also, we are eager to buy any Davis items missing from our collection. Our mailing address is P. O. Box 186, Lake Wales, FL 33859 or you can email us by clicking here.

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